IWSLT 2010 Corpus Release (DIALOG, BTEC)

The "IWSLT 2010 Corpus" (including MT system outputs and evaluation results) of the DIALOG and BTEC tasks can now be accessed from the download page. The corpus release is limited to participants of the IWSLT 2010 evaluation campaign. Participants have to sign a post-workshop end-user agreement in order to get access to the data sets.

Minor corrections of IWSLT 2010 overview paper

We found and corrected two errors in the analysis of the IWSLT 2010 evaluation results related to the intra-grader agreement kappa scores of the Ranking metrics (Table 11) and the Spearman rank correlation coefficient results (Appendix D). Please access the Proceedings page to download the corrected version of the overview paper.

Proceedings and presentations

Proceedings are on-line now as well as oral presentations, that can be found under Program. 

Workshop Program

The workshop program for IWSLT 2010 is now online.

For oral presentations we have allocated 30 min (25 min talk, 5 min Q&A). Before your session, please copy your pdf or powerpoint slides to the presentation laptop (Windows 7 PC). If you would like to use your own laptop, please make sure that it connects properly to the projector BEFORE your session starts.

For poster presentations the size of the poster stand is 2100mm(Height) x 900mm(Width). Please adjust your poster accordingly.




Preliminary automatic evaluation results

The preliminary automatic evaluation scores (full testset) and MT system rankings (based on the average of all normalized metric scores) for the BTEC and DIALOG tasks are now accessable from the download page using the UserID/PassID you obtained at registration time.

Online evaluation server

The organizers setup an online evaluation server to conduct additional experiments and to investigate the effectiveness of innovative methods and features within the IWSLT 2010 evaluation framework. Currently the following data sets are available.

Extension of paper submission deadline

Deadline for submitting scientific papers has been extended to September 13 2010.

Evaluation data sets released

The testset data files are now downloadable from the workshop homepage. Details on the run submission format are available for the BTEC and DIALOGtasks. Please read the run submission guideline pages carefully. PARTICIPANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUBMITTING THEIR RUNS IN THE CORRECT FORMAT. Incomplete or incorrectly formatted runs will be ignored for the IWSLT 2010 evaluation.

Wokshop Registration

Registration to the Workshop is now open.

Training and develop data sets released

All training and develop data sets are now available from the downloadpage. In order to get access to the supplied language resources, you must first register your MT system online.