Workshop Registration

The registration for the IWSLT 2010 workshop is now open.

Note that the registration procedure(*) takes place in two steps:

1. Pre-registration: First, you need to complete your pre registration on the IWSLT 2010 registration site; you will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

2. Registration: Once you have received the e-mail validating your pre-registration, you will be able to confirm your registration and proceed to the payment.

In order to achieve pre-registration, please access the registration server, select your language and the IWSLT 2010 workshop, and fill out the pre-registration form by indicating in the first part your personal information and in the second part the address and telephone number of your organization. Note that the e-mail indicated in the 1st part is the one which identifies you and where all information will be sent to.

Please do not forget to register also for the social event (free of charge) held on Thursday, Dec. 2nd 2010.

The registration fees include: daily lunch and coffee breaks for the two days, participation in all sessions and in the social event on Thursday evening, Dec 2nd 2010. Please note that the registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

Concerning on-site payments, only credit cards or French checks will be accepted (no cash payments). If you have any questions regarding local arrangements, please don't hesitate to contact the local organizers at following address: iwslt2010(at)

(*) This registration server is a generic program produced by CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center) for organizing conferences in various areas.